Quote1 Revolting! To think that any sentient creature could resort to such depravity! These aberrations cannot be suffered! Quote2
-- Sif

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As Eric drops Kevin off at school, Sangre, a vigilante sniper, fatally shoots Gerrins, a substitue teacher. Thunderstrike flies to Sangre's rooftop sniping next only to find it empty save for the message "Sangre means blood!" spray-painted on the wall. Later, Eric takes Kevin home, concocting a weak explanation regarding his disappearance. He leaves, watched by an enraged Bobby. Now sharing an apartment with Samantha Joyce, Eric unsuccessfully tries to pass Sif off as his cousin. Sif and Thunderstrike visit Metro Division to inquire about Gerrins, learning he was part of a child porn distribution ring led by the school district supervisor Armand Pelps. Thunderstrike stops Sangre's attempt on Pelps' life, but allows Sangre to escape. Sangre is actually a woman, Julia Concepcion, in a gender=disguising reversible costume, and she walks past the police barricade unnoticed by all except the Punisher, who watchers her depart. Later, Eric refuses to help Sif locate Thor. Hurt, Sif leaves. As Eric assumes that Sif was his mystery protector, a shadowy figure watches him.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Punisher readers, look out! A brutal new heroine debuts in this issue to take on a kiddie porn ring. Lady Sif wants Thunderstrike to find Thor, but he's busy trying to tame a woman who'd give Frank Castle a run for his money. This major new character will visit Frank in the Punisher titles in the near future!


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