The Mighty Thor
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Quote1.png Though we may be spies... when we are joined... you will know us as Avengers. Quote2.png
-- Throg

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Synopsis for "Master of Whispers"

Thor has approached Loki for seek help finding Mjolnir. Loki refuses him because he is a king in his own right now and has his own responsibilities, but he does have an idea. Thor approaches Throg, he handily agrees, and has already assembled a team.

Solicit Synopsis

MEET ASGARD'S NEW MASTER OF SPIES – THROG! After the events of "Revelations," Thor has a top secret mission that only one trusted ally can carry out: Throg, the Frog of Thunder! Guest artist Pasqual Ferry makes a return trip to Asgard for this unique tale of otherworldly espionage, one that will have a profound impact on the future of the Marvel Universe!

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