Quote1 Once I did truly think I was the mortal, Don Blake, who did have the gift of magically transforming into the God of Thunder. But 'twas only an illusion of your design, Odin, to teach an arrogant son humility. Then came the noble alien, Beta Ray Bill, whom you did grant part of my power, part of what makes me Thor. My mantle was even worn by one of Midgard, Eric Masterson, leaving me trapped within his frail shell. So many guises... such confusion. Pieces and bits. Quote2
-- Thor

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Since his return, Thor has been in twelve bar brawls, and is sorely troubled. He leaves Sif, and meets a strange Valkyrie. Thor tells Odin that he feels fractured and no longer is sure who he is. A mortal named Don Blake, an alien warrior named Beta Ray Bill who possesses a part of him, trapped in a mortal Eric Masterson, he is just bits and pieces. Odin gives him a ship, and tells him to seek his answer among the stars, and to find himself. He leaves alone, but he is not alone, the Valkyrie has joined him.



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