Quote1 When will Thor be able to leave his mortal life behind? He hath long since learned the lesson of humility for which I devised his mortal form. Yet, he persists in retaining it. Why? Quote2
-- Odin

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Don Blake's patients fear him, because of news stories linking him to Jane Foster's "murder." When Keith Kincaid accuses him in a TV interview, Don takes a week's vacation. Shawna calls Don but angrily hangs up on him when he tries to put her off. Thor meets with Keith in his hotel room, to convince him that Don is incapable of murder. When Thor sees how much Keith misses Jane, he reveals his secret identity, then tells him that Sif and Jane share the same body. Thor explains that he intends to recapture Kamo Tharnn's Runestaff. Keith convinces Thor to take him along. Thor, Sif and Keith travel to Rus, where Kt'kn criminals from a crashed prison transport attack them. Thor defeats the aliens, freeing Kamo Tharnn from captivity. Grateful, Kamo Tharnn lends them the Runestaff. Sif unsuccessfully attempts to summon Jane's essence and fears that Jane may be lost forever.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The search for Jane Foster continues! Can Thor and his friends discover Jane's fate and clear the name of Donald Blake, Thor's alter ego, before it's too late?


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