Quote1 Speak no more! 'Tis all most painfully clear! Thine own powers -- combined with his -- now make Loki the most invincible foe of all! Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "But Dr. Blake Can Die!"Edit

Main Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • Carson (Nurse)




Synopsis for "But Dr. Blake Can Die!"Edit

Loki, having stolen part of Karnilla's power, now has enough to lift Mjolnir. Loki then goes to Earth, where Thor and Sif follow. Sixty seconds have passed, so he changes to Blake. Loki attacks them both and critically injures Sif. Blake manages to wrest his cane from Loki and changes to Thor again. Thor ties up Loki, then rushes with Sif to a hospital, where he must perform surgery. He saves her life, then changes to Thor again to battle Loki, who has freed himself. Odin decides enough is enough, and orders them to stop fighting.


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