The Mighty Thor

Quote1.png Let the heavens rejoice! Let the streets ring with laughter and celebration! After too long an absence, the scion of Asgard finally walks among his proud people again! Quote2.png
-- Odin

Appearing in "Measure of Power"



Merely Godlike

Vastly Superhuman




Synopsis for "Measure of Power"

Thor ranks some of his past foes in terms of power.

Appearing in "Dream Dates"

Dream Dates

Synopsis for "Dream Dates"

Thor's past loves are reviewed

Appearing in "Map of the Nine Worlds of Asgard"

Asgard: The Nine Worlds

Asgard: The Continent

Synopsis for "Map of the Nine Worlds of Asgard"

Map of the Nine Worlds and a map of the continent of Asgard.

Appearing in "Mortal Foes of Thor"

Mortal Enemies of Thor

The Immortal Foes of Thor

Synopsis for "Mortal Foes of Thor"

Thor's mortal enemies

Appearing in "Lamest Foes of Thor"

The Lamest Foes of Thor

Synopsis for "Lamest Foes of Thor"

Enemies that tried (and failed)

Appearing in "Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Thor Creators Speak Out"

Creative Staff

Synopsis for "Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Thor Creators Speak Out"

Interviews with different creators.

Appearing in "Master of Disguise"

Thor's mortal identities

Synopsis for "Master of Disguise"

Thor's mortal identities.

Appearing in "The Legendary Gods of Asgard"

Legendary Gods of Asgard

Synopsis for "The Legendary Gods of Asgard"

Asgardian gods.

Appearing in "The Men Who Would Be Thor"

The Men Who Would Be Thor

Synopsis for "The Men Who Would Be Thor"

Replacements for the Thundergod

Appearing in "Top Ten Embarrassing Moments"

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Moments:

  1. 10 - Slightly used apples of immortality - cheap! from Thor Vol 1 327
  2. 9 - The Groonk who stole christmas from Thor Vol 1 444
  3. 8 - Don't send a god to do a cat's job! from Thor Vol 1 309
  4. 7 - Saddle up, god-boy! from Thor Vol 1 370
  5. 6 - Attack of the killer, rodents?! from Thor Vol 1 401
  6. 5 - Odinson: poster child for gun control! from Thor Vol 1 435
  7. 4 - Sif: a lady and her coif from Thor Annual Vol 1 11
  8. 3 - New gig for Thunder God! from Thor Vol 1 489
  9. 2 - Thy new home: a bag from Thor Vol 1 443
  10. 1 - Thunderfrog! from Thor Vol 1 364-Thor Vol 1 366

Synopsis for "Top Ten Embarrassing Moments"

Times Thor wishes he could forget

Appearing in "Milestone Issues"

Milestone Issues of Thor:

  • Journey Into Mystery #83 - Donald Blake finds the hammer of Thor in a Norwegian cave just in time to take on the Stone Men from Saturn!
  • Journey Into Mystery #84 - Thor Battles Loki for the first time in modern history!
  • Journey Into Mystery #88 - Thor travels to Asgard for the first time since becoming Don Blake!
  • Journey Into Mystery #97 - The first "Tales of Asgard" reveals the norse genesis legend!
  • Journey Into Mystery #102 - The introduction of Hela, Norse Goddess of Death and the three Norns!
  • Journey Into Mystery #103 - The debut of the Enchantress and the Executioner!
  • Journey Into Mystery #114 - Loki transforms criminal Crusher Creel into the Absorbing Man!
  • Journey Into Mystery #118 - Odin's invincible Destroyer is unearthed!
  • Journey Into Mystery #119 - The debut of Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg - the Warriors Three!
  • Thor #126 - Journey Into Mystery is retitled Thor and will stay that way for thirty years!
  • Thor #127 - The premiere of Pluto and the Midgard Serpent!
  • Thor #134 - The dramatic debut of the High Evolutionary and the Man-Beast!
  • Thor #136 - Jane Foster fails in her bid to become an Sif debuts!
  • Thor #137 - The first appearances of the Rock Trolls - Ulik and Geirrodur!
  • Thor #148 - The origin of the Wrecker!
  • Thor #158 - Thor learns that Don Blake was never a real being!
  • Thor #161 - Thor learns the origin of Galactus!
  • Thor #166 - Thor battles Him, the man who would become Adam Warlock!
  • Thor #181 - Thor up against Loki and Mephisto!
  • Thor #200 - Thor learns the legend of Ragnarok
  • Thor #212 - Asgard is overrun by alien lizards!
  • Thor #225 - The premiere of Galactus' latest herald - Firelord!
  • Thor #239 - Thor and Hercules meet the gods of ancient Egypt!
  • Thor #249 - Sif magically trades places with Jane Foster!
  • Thor #273 - The debut of Roger "Red" Norvell!
  • Thor #276 - Red Norvell becomes another Thor!
  • Thor #284 - Thor meets the Eternals!
  • Thor #297 - Thor learns of his previous human guise - the warrior Siegfried!
  • Thor #301 - Thor petitions the other pantheons for the power to revive the Asgardians!
  • Thor #312 - Asgard's God of thunder battles Asgard's God of War - Tyr!
  • Thor #335 - Thor locates the missing Jane Foster!
  • Thor #337 - The perimiere of Beta Ray Bill
  • Thor #341 - Thor gets a new alias - construction worker Sigurd Jarlson!
  • Thor #344 - The debut of Malekith the Dark Elf
  • Thor #353 - Asgard is saved from Surtur but Odin is lost
  • Thor #363 - Thor battles Kurse and gets his face ripped!
  • Thor #366 - Thor is transformed into a frog!
  • Thor #384 - The first appearance of Dargo, the Thor of 2437 A.D.!
  • Thor #385 - The permiere of Leir of the Celtic Gods
  • Thor #391 - The debut of Eric Masterson, the man who would become Thor!
  • Thor #400 - Thor and the Avengers in final battle with Seth and Surtur!
  • Thor #408 - Thor merges with Eric Masterson!
  • Thor #419 - The debut of Stellaris, the self-styled Celestial Slayer!
  • Thor #433 - Eric Masterson goes into action as the new Thor!
  • Thor #440 - The debut of the Thor Corps!
  • Thor #451 - Thor versus Bloodaxe!
  • Thor #457 - The return of the real Thor!
  • Thor #478 - The return of "Red" Norvell!
  • Thor #491 - Yggdrasil the World Tree is being tampered with!
  • Thor #492 - Thor and the Enchantress together!
  • Thor #502 - Thor and Red Norvell begin the search for the missing Asgardian gods!

Synopsis for "Milestone Issues"

Thor milestones.

Appearing in "Scenes We Never Saw"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Scenes We Never Saw"

Shortly after returning from Norway, Don Blake dreams repeatedly of a golden city in the clouds. Observing his cane glowing, "with a strange unearthly light," Don transforms to Thor and becomes a helpless passenger as Mjolnir takes him to Asgard. Meeting Odin, Thor tells him he is not his son bt a mortal. Odin tells him he is not only Don Blake but the real Thor as well. The Asgardians honor Thor on his return.

Solicit Synopsis

A special 48-page one-shot honoring the life of the mighty Thunder God, Thor! Continuing Marvel's 35th anniversary celebration! Get the whole scoop on Odin's #1 son including alternate costumes, Thor wannabes, secret identities, coolest & lamest foes, a gallery of the gods and more!


  • Top 10 Embarrassing Moments section incorrectly states that Thor's spirit is in Mephisto's soul shroud, rather than Odin's.
  • Milestone section incorrectly lists Thor #385 as Leir's 1st appearance rather than Thor #386.
  • Pinup by Carlos Pacheco

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