Quote1 For the sake of my friends, I must end this swiftly! And show this would-be tyrant why I'm the Prince of Thunder! Quote2
-- Thor

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Synopsis for "The Crown of Fools"Edit

In Asgard, Sif and the Warriors Three fight off a flock of aggressive birds that attacked some children. They start to ride off after them to find out who sent them when Thor tells them no, that it is a foolish quest. Sif talks him into it, and they ride out, finding a castle in a chasm that none of them have ever heard of before. Upon entering, each of them encounters their fondest dreams. Thor manages to snap out of it and discovers a Frost Giant wearing the Crown of Fools, a relic thought long lost. Upon knocking the Crown from the Giant's head, the giant snaps out of the spell he was under. Thor then flies the Giant home, while the others take the Crown back to Asgard.


  • Also reprints "Whatever Happened to Balder the Brave" from Thor #344.

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • * Join Thor, Sif, the Warriors Three - and even that sneaky trickster Loki - on an all-new, all-Asgardian adventure!
  • What deep-buried secrets will the Crown of Fools reveal about Thor's allies-and can the god of thunder resist his own temptations to free his friends?
  • Plus: Also reprinting the first appearance of Malekith the Accursed!


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