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Oversword of Asgard
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10 yards
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The Oversword (also "Odinsword") was created circa 1000 AD by Asgard's monarch Odin by reshaping the cursed Rhinegold ring of power into a sword more than 10 yards long with his power-scepter. Allegedly, when Asgard was destroyed in Ragnarok, the realm was recreated through the machinations of Those Who Sit Above in Shadow; Mjolnir survived Asgard's rebirth and crashed upon Earth in the Rhine Valley. From Mjolnir's crash site, the Rhinegold was forged. Although the mermaids Flosshilda, Vellgunda and Voglinda defended the Rhinegold for many centuries it was finally stolen by the gnome Alberich of Nibelheim, who reshaped it into the Ring of Power. With the ring, Alberich was blessed with good fortune, enabling him to mine vast riches of gold from the ground. Odin forced Alberich to surrender the ring so he could use it to barter for the release of the goddess Idunn from her giant captors, but Alberich cursed the ring before parting with it, claiming everyone would lust the ring's power but none would rejoice in it. Thor Odinson wielded the ring in various mortal guises, meeting his end in each ase, until Odin finally tore the ring in two, using its halves to nail himself to Yggdrasil the World-Tree, where he received visions of the Third Host of the Celestials, enigmatic extraterrestrial creatures who had been performing experiments on Earth's inhabitants. When the Third Host made it clear the Celestials would see retribution for any attack, Odin oversaw the construction of the Destroyer armor to harness the psyches of all Asgardians and reshaped the ring into the Oversword as a weapon of last resort against the Celestials' Fourth Host. Odin knew the Oversword would inherit the curse of the Rhinegold and thus threaten to inflict Ragnarok, the end of Asgard. Odin hoped by keeping the Oversword sheathed, over time he could purge himself of his impurities and wield the sword safely. The sword's power was so great only Odin could effortlessly return it to its sheath if it were partially removed. The curse of the Rhinegold manifested itself in the sword's behavior, as it would will itself from its sheath whenever Ragnarok came close at hand. Odin instructed all Asgardians "if the blade be drawn, the universe ends!"

When a crack appeared upon the Oversword's blade, Odin grew concerned for Asgard and tasked his sons Loki and Thor to discern its cause. The duo led an expedition through Asgard's Nine Worlds, but eventually Odin himself went to the prophetess Volla and received visions of Ragnarok from her. Learning Loki would be the one to set Ragnarok forth, Odin imprisoned him, hoping to forestall Asgard's fate and prevent the cracks from growing larger; thereafter he kept a closer eye on Loki's activities. When Odin entered his periodic Odinsleep phase, the monstrous Mangog invaded Asgard, seeking to unsheathe the Oversword to destroy the realm. Although Asgard's forces failed to keep the Mangog from the Oversword's chamber, Thor awakened Odin in time for him to vanquish Mangog and restore the Oversword to its sheath.

When a portion of Odin's Odinpower was corrupted by the death goddess Hela using the cosmic being Infinity, the universe was imperiled, and the Oversword began to move from its sheath; Odin was required to re-sheathe the sword every day. Odin finally confronted his corrupted self, only to be gradually subsumed into Infinity's form. As the Oversword continued to inch its way from the sheath, the goddess Sif organized an effort to force it back, employing a massive vice and dozens of men, but they failed to halt its progress. Finally, Thor prevented Odin from joining Infinity, and Odin defeated his other self, then restored the Oversword to its place with a single push. The Mangog soon made another effort at drawing the Oversword, this time employing the sorcerer Igron to help him masquerade as Odin and use the power of the Asgardians' life forces to supplement his strength, but when Mangog apparently slew Igron he lost the connection to the Asgardians, leaving him too weak to draw the sword and ultimately faded out of sight.

After the Celestials' Fourth Host finally arrived at the City of the Space Gods in the Andes, Odin summoned the psyches of all Asgardians (save Thor) into the Destroyer armor. Growing to the same stature as the Celestials, the Destroyer drew the Oversword for battle, gambling on saving the Earth from destruction. Although the Destroyer was aided by the Eternals in their Uni-Mind form, it fared poorly in battle, managing to slice off Nezarr the Celestial's arm, only to see it restored almost instantly. The Fourth Host swiftly melted the Destroyer into slag. Thor subsequently wielded the Oversword against the Host's leader, Arishem, impaling him, but it had no effect, and Arishem slagged the Oversword. Ultimately the Fourth Host was pacified and the Asgardians resurrected, but the Oversword's melted remains presumably remain in the Andes.


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