Quote1 When times are good, they are never as good as they seem. But you must remember the opposite is also true. When times are tough, there is always ample reason to celebrate your life. You have the ability to explore the wonders of our universe as few could ever dream. Every day of life is a gift, and fate has given your existence something that no one else has. Some day it will all end, and when you look back you mustn't have any regret. Our warrior's lives cannot just be combat... there are more meaningful collisions to experience. You have a glorious planet filled with mystery and adventure. Try to remember that you are blessed in a way that even I am not. You have a family that loves you and... you have a home! Quote2
-- Beta Ray Bill

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  • Cadivan's Yacht

Synopsis for "Battle Skaarns"Edit

Nova and Beta Ray Bill continue to battle Skaarn, who is empowered by a Herald's weapon. When Skaarn threatens to wipe out the Korbonites being held in his ships hold, Bill flies to rescue them, leaving Nova to face Skaarn alone. When Skaarn threatens Earth, Nova snaps and totally unleashes on Skaarn and beats him down himself. After separating, Nova flies home and discovers that his home has been foreclosed on.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Sam’s adventure with Beta Ray Bill in space comes to a shocking conclusion and Sam arrives home to a very unpleasant discovery. (No, it’s not the Statue of Liberty on its side.)


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