Called "the jewel of the Balkans," Latveria is a strong, self-sufficient country that seldom interacts with its neighbors; the country's motto is "We master all that lies before." For over 600 years, Latveria was ruled by the Haasen bloodline, based from Haasenstadt (now Doomstadt). Latveria was originally founded in the 14th century in territory captured from Transylvania by Rudolfo and Karl Haasen. Rudolfo was the first king of Latveria, but after the death of Karl Haasen III in 1447, Vlad Draasen ascended to the throne, and his difficult rule divided the country until 1544, when the Bolgorad Treaties finally restored the Haasen bloodline to the throne. In 1588, King Stefan I and Count Sabbat began construction of a castle (now Castle Doom), and a second was constructed in 1593 (now the Citadel of Doom). During World War II, Latveria forged an alliance with Symkaria to resist the forces of invading Nazi Germany led by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker; the ultimate suddess of this shared struggle has left a strong bond between the two nations. In recent years, King Vladimir Fortunov imposed a tyrannical rule that was especially harsh to the Romany ("gypsies") who lived in Latveria's borders. Cynthia von Doom, a mystic of the Zeifiro tribe, once made a pact with the demon Mephisto in an attempt to gain vengeance for her people, but only lost her own soul. When King Vladimir's wife was near death, he summoned Werner von Doom, a Zeifiro healer. The king's wife was too far gone for Werner to save her, but the king, mad with grief, blamed Werner and sought his death. Werner died sheltering his son Victor from the king's forces, and placed Victor in the custody of his friend Boris before passing away. Victor was determined to avenge his parents, and studied both science and magic for the means to oppose King Vladimir. While attending university in the USA, Victor was horribly scarred in an accident, and returned to Latveria garbed in armor. Killing King Vladimir and employing a robot of Prince Rudolfo to hand him the crown, Doom has been de facto ruler of Latveria ever since.

Doom's rule has been interrupted by King Vladimir's son Zorba who tried to bring democracy to Latveria, only to plunge his nation into war before finally being ousted by Doom. Doom's ward Kristoff Vernard also claimed the throne while beliving himself to be Doom, and the outsiders Nathaniel Richards and Stryfe both laid claim during absences of Doom's The USA helped back Lucia von Bardas as prime minister, but she was forcibly removed by an unauthorized team led by Nick Fury. Latveria has expanded its borders to include Slokovia, a neighbor which was divided by religious strife when its people began to worship the Asgardian god Thor; when the country's rulers were overthrown, Doom quietly annexed the country. Latveria remains in Doom's thrall, its people content and happy with their lot in life, perpetually aware of the punishments awaiting those who dissent.

National Defense

The Latverian Armoed Forces comprises both Ground Forces and Air Force; they number 2,000 men and approximately 500 Servo-Guard robots. The country has also possessed a variety of orbital satellite weaponry.

International Relations

Member of the United Nations, close ally of Symkaria; have treaties with Atlantis, Canada, France, USA, and Wakanda. Have a history of hostilities with SHIELD, Germany and Hungary.

Extraterrestrial Relations

Dr. Doom's all-consuming quest for power has caused him to bring several extraterrestrials into Latveria in the hopes of claiming their power; victims have included the Silver Surfer, ex-herald of Galactus, and the energy being known as the Hunger. Doom has also contested with the Faceless One, a member of the Kt'kn race who has aided Prince Rudolfo in organizing resistance against him. The demon Mephisto has entered Latveria on several occasions to battle Doom for the soul of Cynthia von Doom. Doom formerly ruled the duplicate planet of Counter-Earth concurrent to his rule of Latveria, resulting in some turmoil when Counter-Earth's Young Allies threatened to drop nerve gas on Latveria in retaliations against Doom. Doom's castle was briefly usurped by a duplicate of himself created in the Dimension of Manifestations by the Magus.

Non-Human Population

Latveria features an immense population of robots, all the design of Dr. Doom, although they are not recognized as sentient beings by their maker, on creation called the Doomsman was able to evolve past his programming, ans as Adnro has since led rebellions against Doom in attempts to liberate his robotic brethren. Most of Doom's robots are of the Servo-Guard model, specially designed to enforce curfews, guard Doom's castles, examine illegal incursions and engages hostiles. Doom's Killer Robots are his most powerful model, originally numbering at one dozen, and capable of leveling an entire town if so needed. Doom's so-called "Doombots" are his personal robot imposters, programmed to believe themselves to be the true Dr. Doom except when in their master's presence; many of theseDoombots have been employed in overseas matters that Doom did not wish to involve himself in, and faulty programming has caused many to turn rogue, such as the Mechadoom model who sought to evolve beyond its programming as the Doomsman had. Doom also employs a variety of robot drones for simple labor, select combat models called Pacifiers, and specialized models for aerial and underwater combat situations. The might of Doom's robot army seems to render most of his human armed forces superfluous. Local legends in Latveria refer to a demonic creature called Darkoth, upon whichDoom based his superhuman agent Desmond Pitt. Doom once created a clone of himself invested with the powers of the Fantastic Four; "Victor von Doom II" lived only briefly before being executed by Doom himself.

Domestic Superhumans

Dr. Doom, monarch of Latveria is an inventive genius and scholar of the mystic arts; despite numberous attempts at unseating him, Doom has resumed leadership of Latveria time and again. Kristoff Vernard was orphaned during the civil unrest caused by Prince Zorba's reign, and became Doom's ward; for a time, Kristoff believed himself to be Doom, and ruled Latveria in his stead. Dreadknight (Bram Velsing) was a former scientist of Doom's whose mask was fused to his face as punishment for his ambitions; the Dreadknight has made some attempts to rule Latveria for himself. The psychic Psi-Borg served as a double agent within SHIELD for Hydra, but was killed soon after being found out. The Exalted One is ruler of the Folding City, an experiment in space/time begun by Doom that left the entire complex phased outside normal perception and interaction. The sorceress Pandemonia lives on Mount Sorcista.

Nathaniel Richards, claiming to be the father of Kristoff Vernard, once claimed the throne of Latveria on Kristoff's behalf; he vacated the throne when Doom returned. The mutant Stryfe briefly served as prime minister during one of Dr. Doom's absences, using Doombots to help mask Doom's disappearance. Latveria has been infested at various times by vampires, including Lucas Cross and Dracula.

Points of Interest

Boars' Vale, Castle Doom, Citadel of Doom, Doom Falls, Doomsport airport, Doomsburg, Doomsdale, Doomsvale, Doomton, Doomwood Forest, Draken River, the Folding City, Klyne River, Mount Sorcista, Mount Victorum, Viscayin Mountains, Werner Academy


Werner von Doom was a talented doctor of the Zefiro tribe, and father of Victor von Doom; he gave his life helping to protect his son from the forces of King Vladimir; Victor named the Werner Academy after his father. Cynthia von Doom was Victor's mother and had been a mystic, dying after making an unfortunate pact with Mephisto; Doom spent decades of his life seeking the means to rescue her soul from Mephisto's clutches. Boris, Doom's Zeifiro guardian since childhood is the monarch's closest confidant. In his childhood, Doom loved Valeria, a fellow Zeifiro; he eventually sacrificed her to the Haazareth demons to increase his mystical powers. Djordji Zindelo Hungaros was the Zeifiro mystic who trained Cynthia von Doom. Ambassador Jakob Gorzenko has served as Latveria's chief representative to the USA; during his rule, Prince Zorba installed Arturo Frazen as ambassador. Another Latverian agent in the USA is Hans Stutgart. Doom's chief scientists have included Fydor Gittelsohn, Otto Kronsteig and the brothers Gustav and Gert Hauptmann, all deceased. One of Doom's most important employees is the Editor, whose task is to rewrite Latveria's history to conform with Doom's worldview. Stanislaus and Grigori Mengochuzcraus ("the Mengo Brothers") are a pair of international mercenaries. Lucia von Bardas was briefly installed as Latveria's prime minister during one of Doom's absences, but after Nick Fury learned that she was funding the activities of super-villains, he led an unsanctioned team into Latveria to destroy her. From the 16th to 19th centuries the Kroft family (including Wilhelm, Stefan, Leo, Oscar, Pietro and Kurt Kroft) served as local vampire hunters, helping to drive the creatures from Latveria's borders. The royalty of Latveria prior to Doom's rule included King Rudolfo I, Baron Karl Haasen (14th century), Baron Karl Haasen III, Vlad Drassen (15th century), King Stefan I, Count Sabbat (16th century), and in recent years King Vladimir Vassily Gonereo Tristian Mangegi Fortunov, his sons Princes Rudolfo and Zorba, and Vladimir's illegitimate grandson Dmitri Fortunov.


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