Quote1 Hhhhh...huuhh...Hulk...Hulk...Worthy! Quote2
-- Hulk

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Dr. Bruce Banner leads his science team through a portal powered by a sliver of Uru, into Jotunheim, which awakens Thor in Asgard. They are in search of a rare liquid called Eiderdürm which is native only to Jotunheim. Thor arrives and tells them that they should turn back. Bruce Banner is shocked to discover that this Thor has no idea who they are. Apparently, the portal transported through time as well as space. The Frost Giants arrive determined to deal with the trespassers. During the battle, Bruce Banner is encased in ice before he can transform and Thor is knocked clear. Enraged, Bruce finally Hulks out and begins battling the Frost Giants. Spotting Mjolnir, the Hulk tries to pick it up, and manages to lift it.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Walt Simonson draws the Hulk AND Thor!

• Banner takes his lab team to Jotunheim! • Hulk vs. Frost Giants! • Guest-starring Thor!


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