Emil Blonsky (Earth-616)

Aliases: Emil Blonsky, Abomination
Universe: Earth-616
Gender: Male
Alignment: Bad
Nationality: Zagreb, Yugoslavia
Occupation: Ex-spy

Creators: Stan Lee
First Appearance: Tales to Astonish Vol 1 90


As a communist spy at Gamma Base in New Mexico, Blonsky activated Dr. Robert Bruce Banner's gamma ray machine and bombarded himself with a greater dosage of gamma rays than that which transformed Banner into the Hulk. Since specific gamma ray mutation is determined by small variations of genetic material, Blonsky's transformation resulted in a less human-looking form than Hulk's.

Powers & Abilities:
The gamma radiation that transformed Blonsky into the Abomination fortified his cellular structure and added several hundred pounds of pure muscle to his body. Thus the Abomination has vast super human strength, surpassing at this peak, the power of the Hulk when he is at normal adrenaline-level. His fists are capable of striking with maximum force equivalent to 500 pounds of TNT. The Abomination is among the most powerful mortal beings on Earth. The Abomination is capable of lifting approximately 100 tons. His legs are strong enough to enable him to leap a maximum height of 870 feet straight up into the air, and a maximum distance of 700 feet.


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