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Belonging to the Dwarves, a short stocky species native to the underground civilization of Nidavellir in the dimension of Asgard, Eitri is one of the finest Dwarven blacksmiths in the realm. with his brothers Brokk and Buri, also blacksmiths, Eitri helped capture rays of sunshine in their forge, using them to craft the enchanted spear Gungnir, which they presented to Asgard's liege Odin as a gift, hoping he would favor the Dwarves with more gold. Odin asked the brothers to give him more precious gifts, and as they worked at the forge they were spied upon by Odin's adopted son Loki Laufeyson, in the form of a butterfly. Loki distracted Brokk so the handle of the uru hammer they were crafting was accidentally shortened. They presented the hammer - Mjolnir - to Odin, alongside the living golden boar Gullinbursti and arm band Draupnir, which blessed its wearer with infinite wealth. Odin eventually gave Mjolnir to his son, Thor giving him tremendous power.

When Thor was bested in combat by the extraterrestrial Beta Ray Bill, who proved capable of wielding Mjolnir, Odin asked Eitri for another hammer to give Bill. Eitri agreed on the condition a female warrior defeat his champion Throgg and if she lost, she would become the Dwarves' servant. The goddess Sif won the battle, only to learn Throgg was actually an enemy of Eitri's; Eitri arranged the duel to humble Throgg and earn a tale he could share with other Dwarves of how he matched wits with Odin. Eitri delivered on the bargain, crafting the enchanted uru hammer Stormbreaker for Bill, which Odin granted powers similar to Thor's

Eitri found New Mutants member Cannonball (Sam Guthrie) when he was stranded in Nidavellir. Cannonball helped save Eitri's wife from Troll invaders, winning Eitri's favor; Eitri came to regard Cannonball as a son. When the dark elves altered Cannonball's teammate Magma (Amara Aquilla) and sent her to attack Nidavellir, Eitri helped Cannonball defeat her and restore her mind. Loki demanded Eitri craft him a new uru hammer, intending to turn the X-Men's Storm (Ororo Munroe) into his pawn as a new thunder god. Eitri crafted the hammer and named it Stormcaster, but charged Cannonball to expose Loki's ambitions in Asgard so they could release Storm from his enchantments; thanks to mystical aid from Karnilla, Storm was set free, and she destroyed the hammer, returning to Earth with the X-Men and New Mutants. As the death goddess Hela prepared to conquer Asgard while Odin was in his power-restoring Odinsleep, she subverted the Valkyrior to serve her and began enslaving Trolls, Giants, Fairies, Elves and Dwarves in Hel. Hela took particular interest in Dwarven blacksmiths to forge weapons for her. The New Mutants returned to Asgard and aided Eitri, but he was finally caught and forced to forge an uru death-sword to keep Hela from killing his daughter. Eitri completed the sword, but secretly built in a flaw so it could be destroyed. As Hela's armies mounted on Asgard, Eitri helped rescue the Einherjar while he pursued Mirage (Danielle Moonstar), the mind-controlled Valkyrie chosen to slay Odin with the death-sword. Although Eitri was beaten by Mirage, he told Cannonball how to strike the sword's flaw, enabling him to destroy it, saving Odin and freeing the Valkyrior.

When the human Eric Masterson briefly filled in for Thor, Odin rewarded him by having Eitri craft an uru mace that Odin enchanted as Thunderstrike, giving it some powers similar to Mjolnir. Eitri, Brokk and Buri eventually decided to destroy the mold used to forge Mjolnir, knowing Loki sought it. While transporting it to Ginnungaggap, the void from which the universe came, the trio fell from a crumbling bridge into the river Vuluspa and died. Loki witnessed their deaths and obtained the forge, crafting weapons with which to conquer Asgard and ignite Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods. Although Asgard was destroyed, it was later recreated by Thor and those fallen were restored to life, presumably including Eitri.

Powers and Abilities


Well over 1,000 years old, Eitri possesses an extended lifespan and presumably some degree of superhuman strength, durability and resistance to conventional disease. Eitri is a master forger with supernatural skill at crafting instruments, particularly those of uru metal. Eitri is an able swordsman and has wielded swords and hammers in combat.



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