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Dirk Garthwaite
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Anne Garthwaite (mother, deceased), Burt Garthwaite (father, deceased)
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Criminal; (former) janitor, manual laborer

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History of character is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


When powered by Asgardian magic, Wrecker could use his crowbar to share his power, generate force waves to block bullets, paralyze people with a word, teleport himself and others by ripping open space warps, track people and objects, transform normal clothes into his costume, control the minds of people touching the crowbar, generate illusions and fire powerful energy bursts. Wrecker has, at times, absorbed various energies to boost his power levels.

Strength level

The Wrecker possessed superhuman strength that has fluctuated greatly over time: He lifted 40 tons initially; 10 tons after sharing his powers with the Wrecking Crew; 2 tons at his lowest powered level; and over 70 tons at his highest. He is also super-humanly durable - even at his weakest, he is impervious to small caliber bullets; at his standard levels, he can withstand rocket launchers.



He wields a 4-foot cast iron crowbar; even without powers, he can throw this with uncanny accuracy. With his powers he can propel it hard enough to penetrate several inches of steel, and it will fly back to his hand. It has sometimes housed his powers, and at other times merely been normal metal, acting only as a focus.