Quote1 One lie -- or ten thousand! It makes no difference -- to the light of truth! To the divine lightning -- that burns away lies! Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "The Risen"Edit

Main Characters:

  • Thor (Don Blake)

Supporting Characters:

  • Rebecca Steinhardt


  • Glory

Other Characters:


  • Black Mountains, North Carolina


  • Mjolnir


Synopsis for "The Risen"Edit

Don and Becca run from the resurrected Glory, who is chasing them through the woods. But strange things begin to happen as they work together, an enormous blast of light and energy bursts forth from Don's cane as they hold it together. Becca gets knocked over a cliff, and as she barely hangs on, Don reaches down to help her up and she has a vision of Thor helping her up all her life. Glory also begins to remember, and recognizes the vessel containing the essence of Thor. They grab the cane once again, together, and striking it on the ground, he is transformed back into Thor. He flies to battle the creature again, but this time, Glory tries to absorb him into itself. Becca tells Thor to let him consume them, and when he does, he explodes into a fiery pure white light, leaving only them. Becca explains that when they were being consumed, they both prayed together to the creator of all gods and men, and were answered. He changes back into Don Blake for a moment, kisses Becca goodbye, and flies off back into space to continue the battle, with Becca telling him to not lose faith, she won't.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Chaos King’s most powerful lieutenant, the pantheon-encompassing alien powerhouse known as Glory, has reached the Earth...and the only one who can stand in his way is the Mighty Thor! But if Donald Blake has forgotten his godly alter-ego, how can the God of Thunder possibly save the world? Legendary writer J. M. DeMatteis (Amazing Spider-Man, “Kraven’s Last Hunt”) pens a tale of what happens when a god loses faith in himself.


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