The term "alien" generally refers in the Marvel Universe to anyone not born on the planet Earth.

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Allspeak is the ability by Asgardians and other deities to speak and be understood by all races and beings.

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Alter ego

Alter ego is a name or disguise, used primarily by super heroes to protect their identities.
(See Also: Donald Blake, Sigurd Jarlson)
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Alternate Earth

Alternate Earth, also known as Alternate Realities. Generated by something in the past being changed or altered.
(See Also: List of Realities)
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Alternate Future

Alternate Future refers to a timeline or reality where the future that should be has been changed.
(See Also: List of Realities)
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Alternate World

Similar to Alternate Earth.
(See Also: Alternate Earth)
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Androids are robotic-like entities, generally created to be more human-like in appearance and function.

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Bionic generally refers to individuals who have had limbs or body parts replace by cybernetic or robotic replacements.

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Clones are genetic duplicates of an individual, down to the cellular level.
(See Also: Ragnarok, Replicoid)
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Day of the Three Worlds

The Day of the Three Worlds was a prophecy contained in the Book of Enchanters, which foretold that, "In three worlds shall the God of Thunder stake all on behalf of another."
(See Also: * Book of Enchanters

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Death Gods

Deities who are in charge of or rule over the dimension and aspects of death for a culture.
(See Also: List of Deities, Hela)
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Dimension generally refers to other areas within the same reality, but not on the same plane of existence. It usually requires some sort of mystical or technological portal to access other dimensions.
(See Also: Asgard)
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Dimensional Travel

The ability or capacity to travel between dimensions.
(See Also: Dimension)
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The Fimbulwinter precedes Ragnarok. It consists of three years of extremely harsh winters with winds blowing from all directions.
(See Also: Ragnarok)
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Gauntlet of the Grim Guardian

The Gauntlet of the Grim Guardian was a test undertook by Eric Masterson in order to free Thor from Eric's mind, where he had been imprisoned by Heimdall.
(See Also: Thor #456)
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Any entity worshiped by a group of people.
(See Also: List of Gods)
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Immortality refers to the capacity or ability of an individual to not die, despite age or wounds. Asgardians are not true immortals, just extremely long-lived, while Olympians are immortal
(See Also: Asgardians, Olympians)
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Magic is the manipulation of the natural forces of the universe. It can be enhanced by certain artifacts or calling on aid from principalities.

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The Odinforce is the power gained by Odin when his brothers Vili and Ve sacrificed their lives to ensure that the Eternal Flame was kept from Surtur. It's effects are staggering and far-reaching.
(See Also: Odin, Vili, Ve, Eternal Flame, Surtur)
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The Odinsleep is a coma-like state that Odin must partake in to restore his power. It is usually one day each year, but it can take longer if he puts it off.
(See Also: Odinforce, Odin)
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A Pantheon is a group or collection of deities worshiped by a specific group of people.
(See Also: List of deities)
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Ragnarok, also known as the Twilight of the Gods, is the end times for the Norse Gods. It is preceded by the Fimbulwinter, and results in the death of all but a few of the Norse Gods, and ends with a rebirth of the entire pantheon
(See Also: Fimbulwinter, Norse Gods)
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Ritual of Steel

The Ritual of Steel is a test where an individual must face a legion of warriors.
(See Also: Journey Into Mystery #125)
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The lead deity of a particular pantheon or religion. The term refers to the tendency for worshipers to associate supreme power with the sun, the sky, and/or "heaven." Also known as Council of Godheads

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Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions was a regular gathering of warriors from across the realms. Similar to the Olympics.
(See Also: Thor Annual #2)
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A metal native to the Dimension of Asgard. It is an incredibly durable metal, but it's most unique property is that it holds magic and enchantments very well.
(See Also: Mjolnir)
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Warrior Madness

Warrior Madness is an affliction suffered, albiet rarely, by Asgardians. It is marked by blind, unreasoning rage, a lack of empathy and reason. The general "punishment" for someone suffering from it is banishment.
(See Also: Thor #166)
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