Quote1 Did you think mere ice could stop an Avenger whose loved one lies in mortal danger?! The Wasp must be saved! Nothing else matters! Nothing! Quote2
-- Giant Man

Appearing in "Even Avengers Can Die!"Edit

Main Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Teen Brigade
    • Rick Jones


  • Kallusians
    • False Dr. Svenson
    • Ogor

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Even Avengers Can Die!"Edit

The Avengers rush the dying Wasp to the hospital, but the bullet has hit one of her lungs and she only has 48 hours to live unless the Avengers can find Dr. Svenson, who is the only one who can successfully operate on her. Thor finds him and brings him back, only they discover that it is really an alien impersonating him. They track the rest of his race to the North Pole, where the real Dr. Svenson has been helping them survive. After a battle, he agrees to return with the Avengers and successfully saves the Wasp's life.


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