Quote1 "You just checked Nova out of the sky and winded Thor? Well, beware my web-shooters, Annihilus!" I don't want to die in the Negative Zone. Quote2
-- Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Appearing in "Family Business, Part Five"Edit

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Synopsis for "Family Business, Part Five"Edit

The Avengers have been separated, Nova, Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel are held captive underground mining an unknown mineral. Captain America and Iron Man help Vision along because the stars in the Negative Zone are poisonous to him, and Thor stands off against Annihilus. The younger three manage to free themselves and meet up with the others and realize Annihilus' plan. He has the Nega-Bands and is using them and the mineral to power a cannon that he plans to destroy the positive matter universe. The Avengers manage to destroy the cannon, steal the Nega-Band by Thor ripping off Annihilus' hand, and escape through a portal back to their own universe, only to discover to their horror that Spider-Man got left behind in the Negative Zone.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • The Avengers--captives on the Stalag of Space! Its mysterious alien warden cannot be beaten by conventional means, but the Avengers’ prison break will take them into an even more dangerous realm!


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